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The morning sun first touches the high ridgeline, then creeps down the slopes, bathing the forest in gold. Rushing Renee out to the car so she can be whisked away to school I see the gold has nearly reached our house–the tops of the trees just behind our house are dipped in rosy gold light. A fine sight. A good way to mark a Monday morning.

The past two Mondays I’ve reserved for cleaning, and I know some of that awaits me today. But also running to town for groceries and bank and a doctor’s appointment for Andrew’s Dad, who is in his seventies and suffered a mini-stroke over the weekend, from which he quickly recovered. That is a story unto itself, and maybe this week I’ll get a chance to write about this man that I love so much and his incredible, admirable obstinance.

I intend to get out in the garden when Andrew and I get back from town and measure my garden beds, and start mapping them out, too. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some pictures, either. We are working on converting the perpetually unfinished chicken coop into a garden shed with a greenhouse on the South side, and I’m a bit antsy for the greenhouse so I can get seeds started on time. The garden shed is roofed and framed in, and Andrew has been working with the boys to infill the walls with papercrete, a fun project for them. As for the chickens, since we purchased the property next door they have much enjoyed the snug and sturdy chicken coop there, and I have, too.

So, it’s departure time, and I’ve still a few things to gather up, so of course, I’m late! I’m late!


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