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Dinner tonight was a potluck at the home of our farmer-friends to celebrate the end of the farming season. The Autumn colors here are now quite extraordinary, and the afternoon turns brisk quickly, so it was a fine evening to gather and lift our wine glasses to the harvest. My glass was filled with homemade blueberry wine, and I am usually completely unimpressed with homemade wines of all sorts, but this one was extraordinary. I would have liked to have the whole bottle to myself!

We all went–the whole crew of seven–and Rae and Alex actually went for a swim in the river. Now, it hasn’t frosted yet, but the nights are dipping low into the forties, so you can be damn sure that water is COLD. Poor Rae, she doesn’t have a furnace in her gut, and I think the swim froze up her insides. But Alex, oh firewoman Alex, she lapped up the electric cold of the water. It probably helped a bit that a young man of her acquaintance, a few years older than her, decided to swim also, naked. I think part of Alex’s perfect world would be if everyone was walking around naked except for her parents.

Renee was playing with the pigs in the pasture along with some older girls, and I stood by and watched her for awhile as she hung around the fringes of their group. They were having a blast screaming and attempting to herd the pigs. Later she and I sat on the porch in the deepening cool of the evening sipping tea. We would click our mugs together and say, “Cheers!” with every sip.

Before bedtime we sat on my bed and watched youtube videos of funny cats and dogs. We were rolling around with tears in our eyes. Oh, but she’s never satisfied, and I read the rest of a Flower-baby story to her before she was really ready to say good-bye to the day. McKinley had already arranged to sleep downstairs with his older brother, and so we all slipped into bedtime without much fuss or tanglement.

Earlier today I spent a little time in the garden. It’s an absolute disaster of weeds. But the cherry tomato plants are still festooned with tiny red balloons that burst with flavor, and my culinary herbs have claimed pathways as new territory. The dogwood leaves are a russet-red, quite lovely, and there were even a few thumbelina carrots to pull up. I also started planning how to approach the mess of my garden, and mulch is the answer.

And now I will mulch myself with some quilts.


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