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I woke this morning with the first lines of the song “The Labouring Man’s Daughter” ringing in my thoughts.  I know the song from Karan Casey’s album “Songlines,” but it’s been awhile since I’ve listened to it.  Curiously, I’ve noticed lately that some mornings I wake with a song in my head, even remembering melodies in those first, fresh moments that I can’t recollect once I’ve fully awakened.

I sang the opening line while digging potatoes with J and Renee and McKinley today–“A nobleman’s son, he dreamed such a dream…” wishing to sing it right, and wishing to sing it all.  The September sun was hot, and the shade under the poplar tree cool and breezy, so we took breaks often.  Toby the dog caught the wrinkled leaves Renee threw up in the air, and he ran around the yard with leaves in his mouth as if it were a prize, McKinley running and slipping behind him.

Some laundry and some reading rounded out a mellow Sunday afternoon.

Right now McKinley is tenderly helping Renee brush out her wet hair.  They’re wearing Dad’s t-shirts for pajamas.  She asks him, “Will you  help me with my hair everyday?”  and he agrees to this as he carefully arranges the hair around her shoulders–a rare display of tenderness towards his sister. We pile on my bed and begin the final book of the Chronicles of Narnia, “The Last Battle.”


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