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This is a pause in my day of one thousand little things. It is a pause to help me connect with my breath and my body, and to just feel the beauty of my life and the life that surrounds me.

Today I am rooted in the moment, conscious of earth, air, fire, and water as they express themselves in my body and life. Filling myself with gratitude and lightness. Drinking Hado water. I’m feeling a pull to be in my studio, but I know that can’t happen today, so I’m holding out for tomorrow, when I have little on my calendar and can spend a good while up there. I’m trying to just feel that pull, and build that desire, so that tomorrow I’ll have lots of energy for my work. This feels better than the irritation I usually experience when I’ve not been in my studio for a number of days.

OK, it’s back to 1000 little things!


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