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This week has been a flurry of wildflowers and walking adventures.  Saturday I went for a walk after dinner, just down our road, and was wowed with all the beauty.

   This twisty sweetheart is (I think) a Catesby’s Trillium.

 The crested dwarf irises are one of my favorites, and definitely the first wildflower that really spoke to me.  I was a young twenty-something tearing along a trail on my mountain bike when I passed this patch of purple.
I stopped and went back and fell in love.  I’m still in love!

 Ah, sweet bellworts.  Not sure of the exact species.

  Queen of the Forest, the Pink Ladyslipper.  Right by the road!

And this is Rock Creek, tumbling down from the top of Mount Mitchell.

On Mother’s Day I grabbed a large pastelbord and some pastel pencils and headed south to the River Loop Trail. Several years ago I saw a tree in bloom there, on the slopes of Mount Mitchell, and I filed this piece of beauty away in that little spot in my brain where beautiful things go, which is probably where I should be putting calender-type things, or bill-paying things. Instead I remember that there is this particular spot on this trail where there is a particularly lovely cucumber tree, a deciduous magnolia. And being a Southern girl I have a special place in my heart for magnolias.  I had a nice long sit with her, and I swear she was excited to see me tromping up the trail with my art supplies.

There were adventures on Monday and Wednesday as well!  I’ll post some pictures soon of my wildflower hunting, and also of my newest painting–that sweet magnolia with her blossoms spread wide against the blue blue sky.


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  1. The pink lady slipper likes like a tropical bird with her beak tucked into her wing to sleep

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