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This post is the second in a series of blog posts that explores a day in the life of our homeschooling family.  So often friends or acquaintances ask me what we do, as if there were a nice, neat answer for that.  I assure you there is not.  So in this series I will describe one day:  what we did or didn’t do, and why, what’s tickling our fancies or driving us crazy. 

Wednesday morning I woke to the sound of four boys setting up to play Minecraft in the gaming loft, which is right outside my bedroom.  Last night they had a sleepover. I nudged my husband.  “Breakfast is on you, baby,” I grumbled.  “And coffee…..coffee…..”

Wednesdays are co-op days, and that’s a great thing.  We have a small co-op of homeschoolers that we love.  It’s a new group, but already the friendships–between mamas and kids and any mixture thereof–are strong and supportive. That’s where those three extra boys came from.

I have a little extra co-op prep this morning because it’s the Spring Equinox and we are going to celebrate!  Everyone else has already announced what they will bring, and here it is, crunch time, and I’m rummaging around in my pantry trying to figure out what I can throw together.  Sometimes I am really good at this, other times not.  Spontaneity can be such a gamble.

Today I am lucky.  I will make brownies (to symbolize the sweetness of Earth) and a yummy, very green, spinach dip with carrot and celery sticks.  I start with firing up the wood stove.  It’s not cold outside, but I am going to need to bake those brownies!  I melt the chocolate and the butter, stir in the sugar, eggs, vanilla, and flour, and then I have the most decadent batter upon which to gorge, I mean, pour into the baking pans.  I doubled the recipe. The smell of brownies brings the boys back to Earth and we squeeze into my little car with bowls and brownies and, in Zoë’s case, daffodils, on our laps.  She’s snagged the front seat.  There is no way she is going to squeeze in the back seat with four boys.

At co-op we usually are working on two projects, currently:  the Homeschool Heifer Project, where we make items to sell & raise money for Heifer International, and the making of a movie based on the tale of The Lion and the Mouse.  I have the evolving script on my computer, and it is very funny, exploring feminism within the lion pride, among other things. But since today is really a party day and the weather is fine, all our projects are out the window and all the kids are outside soaking up some fine weather.  Two of the mommas are setting up a spring altar and all the food, and three of the mommas are sitting down, working really hard writing fortunes and stuffing them into balloons.

That’s right, stuffing fortunes into balloons.  Aside from the requisite egg hunt, we’ve also planned an egg-cracking game and an archery contest in which a box is covered with balloons filled with fortunes or outright silliness.  The moms made some fortunes and the kids made some fortunes, but the kids’ fortunes were the best.  Popping the balloons with arrows was a fine challenge, and we all came away from that wanting bows.

The rest of the afternoon, which wasn’t much, was spent chillin’ on computers.  Zoë watched some Pokemon, Denali played Minecraft, and I drank a cup of tea and browsed my favorite blogs.  It was Jason’s turn to make dinner, so after my tea kicked in (can you tell I’m a caffeine junkie?), I got the kids to practice piano for the 59th day in a row, while I jumped on my mini trampoline.  During dinner I read another chapter of The Hunger Games aloud.

Before dinner we always acknowledge something for which we are grateful that we encountered during our day.  And on this day, there’s just so much.  There is nothing quite like Winter to make our hearts burst with the news that Spring is here, and we spent our day under a blue-jewel sky in joyous celebration with good friends.  We are engaged with life, and cultivating happiness.  And we are going to get ourselves some bows and arrows. Our fortunes await us, and the odds are ever in our favor.


A Day in the Life of Homeschooling #2: a Spring Equinox Celebration — 4 Comments

  1. what homeschool group are you apart of? We have a few we are a part of here in Bville. We love co-op days. So glad you guys had a blast!!!

  2. yay! i’m so glad you are reading thg to them. i’d love to hear your thoughts. your co-op sounds like a delightfully creative group!

  3. @susan pace Oh, I’m missing you!  Thanks for stopping by over here.  xoxo  The kids are loving The Hunger Games, though really it’s more of a challenge to read because it’s in first person, so I have to kinda be in character.  Requires more cynicism than is natural for me.  🙂

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