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A Day in the Life of Homeschooling, #1 — 15 Comments

  1. Christy, love, I am already subscribed to your blog! xoxo

  2. haha i had no idea. i’m so new to blogging i don’t even know how to check that haha Love you!

  3. Christy if you have any questions about how to do something, let me know! I probably can help, and if I don’t know the answer, Jason usually does!

  4. Yes your blog is awesome! Love it! But i cant figure out how to subscribe:(

  5. Thanks, Christy! And yeah, I need to fix that. Do you use RSS to subscribe? I have this awesome little subscribe button in my bookmarks bar and just hit it whenever I’m at a site I want to follow. BUT Google has decided to terminate Google Reader, so I’m going to have to find another reader for all my awesome blog subscriptions. :/

  6. OK, Christy, I’m trying to figure this out. Help! It’s a case of my knowing how to do something but not being sure how others do it. How do YOU subscribe to a blog? What are you looking for? And RSS is a way to subscribe to blogs. It pulls in all your blog subscriptions to one place (like your google reader page). It’s the little orange button with three sound waves. Though that probably doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Stephanie, I loved reading about your day. I’m so happy your chicks hatched safe and sound; what a miracle! Thanks for all of the wonderful things you shared in this post and the part 2 of this post.

  8. sissy! i was missing you so i stopped by to read your blog. my, you are a wonderful mother and teacher! i love and miss you!

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