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Curiously, I forgot.

Actually this is not curious.  I forget things all the time.  But in writing my first post in my “A Day in the Life of Homeschooling” Series, I forgot about one teensy little thing.  And I want to share it, because it’s a fun game!!

Every week we take the kids out for pizza, to the delicious, super-friendly, Pizza Shop and Dry County Brewing Company.  Pizza and beer just can’t get any better.  And usually I stash a card game in my bag–Uno, Scattergories, or Set–which we play while we wait for our food, sometimes while we are eating our food, and usually after we’re done eating, too.  This week I grabbed the game Rhyme Out, which comes in a slightly larger than card deck size, but still is totally stashable.

The game is simple and fun.  Each card has a yellow side and a blue side.  The yellow side is easier, and has a hint (rhymes with “___”), while the blue side is harder and hintless.  We use the yellow side.

Rhyme outEach card lists three clues for three words that all rhyme.  The first person to say (a.k.a. shout out) all three words in order wins the card.  It gets a little loud sometimes, but we’re a little loud anyway, and I don’t think our friends at The Pizza Shop really mind.  We take turns reading the card, although once when we played this game, a particular word whiz was delegated the reader, because he kept guessing all the cards and leaving everyone else eating his word dust. Usually I try to make these dinner time games less about winning, anyway.  Otherwise everyone is on edge before dinner, which doesn’t seem wise.

Last night on the way home we came up with our own clue-word combinations, some of which were quite silly. This turned out to be great way to keep the backseat from digressing into bickering.  Take note, parents!  We need all the tips we can get.


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