A spell of gloom came over me. I mourned my losses, failures, etc., on a grand scale. Then my neighbor calls. I’d asked her if she wanted to go to a particular women’s monthly reading with me, and she was calling to make it a date.

"I normally ride with my poetry group–Sam’s wife Ann… and Bethany…" she says, her sweet, delicate voice trailing off a little bit.

"Yes, yes, I know Ann and Bethany" I respond, filling in the pause.

"Yes, and Sam said to me, ‘oh, she’s a brilliant woman. she doesn’t toot her own horn much, but she’s brilliant’ and I just thought I should pass that on, because it’s such a nice thing to hear."

And it is, and the timing is perfect.
Here’s my tiny horn: toot, toot, toot

In other news, in the mail today J received:

  • a letter from the New Mexico child support services in regards to the child support owedto him by his ex-wife and mother of our three oldest kids.   In ten years he’s received, oh, let’s be generous and say $500 in support for three children.  This is the very first time that New Mexico has even acknowledged they have a case.  (Every time J has ever talked with any child support personnel he has to remind the caseworkers that he is not the dead-beat dad, he is the recipient, the custodial parent.  Then it’s like —swoosh!–their little office chairs spin 180 degrees and he gets their happy face.) Ideal resolution to this particular circumstance:  Anita pays her back child support, I officially adopt my kids, and we take a little vacation to Edisto Beach or the Outer Banks with the money.
  • payment for some of last month’s work.  We are still behind on mortgages, and if we would just get paid then we would be on track.  So it’s been exasperating, BUT!  the Ideal Resolution:  payments roll in, bills are paid, and easy work comes in droves.
  • an inexpensive and tiny MP3 player in a little cushy envelope.

Meanwhile, I talked to a particular Katie on the phone (elfin human with much laughter) and she’s planning on camping out on our land this summer, which will be fun.  She’ll be attending the Chestnut Mountain School of Herbalism from March to October, and I am so jealous, and wanting to go.  So, Ideal Resolution:  the universe gives us a windfall of some $3700 so I can do this program.



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