This is a rant. This is only a rant.

Maybe it’s because the heat is out in my studio, rendering it unusable. Maybe it’s because we’re in the middle of winter, and everyone is in the house, bickering and making their little messes everyhwere. Maybe it’s because I woke from a great dream that was soon spoiled by a headache. My wisdom teeth are hurting me. I need to have them pulled. It costs $2500 that I don’t have right now. Or maybe it’s because I have three teenagers, and I am completely and totally tired of their their shit.

Maybe it’s a combination of all these things. But whatever the cause, I truly feel like I’m cracking.

But the sunlight is beautiful today, and my husband is a darling. He’s bringing me lunch right now. And then we’re going to soak in the hot tub. Rae is going to pick up kerosene today with her boyfriend, so that my studio can be heated again. I REALLY need that solitude space right now.



  1. I tell people that it is no coincifence that I started writig horror when my daughters became teenagers. *hugs* Hope you get your solitude very soon.

  2. on another note,

    Please forgive me for not actually responding to this post (I feel you on those teenagers, can´t imagine what winter must be liked locked up with all those crazy energies flying around), but:

    Our best friends, our family friends, who put together the zines we sent yáll, they were written about in the Springfield local paper, and the commentary that ensued made me absolutely ill and disgusted even more with Springfield. I like the article, and I like all the things Carey has written in her blog, but I can´t believe the vitriol. Take a look at the article and her blog (, if you´re looking for something interesting. Then skip to the bottom of the comments and read my response, and Mike´s. We are maybe ten times smarter than those other central illinoisans. Ha! 😀

    So, your life could be scrutinized by the entirety of western NC, just be grateful they haven´t put you in the paper! 😀

    with great love (and missin´ you special people),

  3. hmm. Are you sure that Alex and Rae weren’t the ones to get the kerosene for you? They sound horrible, but they might understand that you have your needs. They sound like they are trying to be helpful in there own way.

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