Night before last. I was laying in the bed, waiting for sleep to come, staring out the window that faces East. A sudden flash of light, like lightning, only it wasn’t really a flash. It was more like a surge of light that faded in the same manner that it arose. It was brilliant light, but not so stark as a lightning strike, tinged with a little blue. It certainly woke me up. Whoa! Did you see that? I asked J, for the sleep that was coming was certainly dispelled by that light. But he didn’t see it. He falls asleep so much faster than I do. My excitement roused him, and he went and looked out the glass door, wondering if he’d missed a great UFO sighting.

I specifically wanted to write about this, so that I would remember it. So often small mysteries like that end up in the bottom of the brain’s filing cabinet. But while I’m at it, why not give you a chance to make your own assessment of the strange light?



  1. Interesting! Let us know if you find out. The fact that it surges and then dimmed and that it was blue-ish, is interesting to me. Another person on my flist posted something like this recently that she read about … Sweden I think it was. If you have time to go look, it’s linked up on . Her friend caught video of it and put it up last week on youtube. Who knows??

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