There’s a funny thing I’ve just become aware of, and I find it interesting, and beautiful. Basically, of my four siblings, three of them are going through significant life changes. My older sister is leaving an unfulfilling marriage, my younger sister just had her first child, my youngest brother is moving to a new city, and I myself am undergoing massive change in the realm of work. Mine is perhaps the most subtle and perhaps, no I won’t say tenuous, of changes. And though I haven’t talked to my other younger brother, I’m betting that there might be something going on in his world, too, just because of the swell of sibling shifting carries him, too. Regardless, it feels like some Thomas Magic is afoot, and I wanted to take a moment to honor the changes we are going through.

Sabrina, everyone has noticed some beautiful change–a radiance, a happiness, a level of presence, and we all are celebrating you and the good life you are choosing for yourself.

Susan, the pictures we have seen of you and Eli and just blow me away with joy. I can’t wait to get to visit you and your sweet family.

Sean, I am dusting your things tonight, looking at your symbol hanging on the wall, thinking of how you had that jacket with the same symbol, and listening to your Bob Dylan CD. It’s been such a joy having you here, and now that you’re leaving, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and how much I love you!

And Stephen! What’s going on with you? Surely in all this something exciting is going on with you!


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