Here’s a photo from this weekend:

Here’s the little pastel I’ve been working on that’s derived from that photo:

I had a fabulous day in the studio yesterday. Really it was a fabulous until about 4 pm when I crashed for lack of sustenance. I felt so icky I thought I might’ve been coming down with the flu, and indeed dreamt that I was-ridden flu in the early hours of the morning. But lo and behold! I am refreshed, healthy, and ready to brave the rainy path to my studio. I just have to get out of my bed first!

You can see what this little painting looked like yesterday here.

I’ve always wanted to photograph a painting in progress, so I think I’ll so that with this little one.  When it’s done, I’ll lay them all out next to each other.



  1. The show has like five sections, and you apply to each section separately. I applied to the St. James section first, since it is the oldest and most prestigious. I’ll know by April first if I got into that section or not, and if I didn’t, there are still several others to which I can apply.

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