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  1. just an fyi – i was homeschooled for four years (3,4,5,6th). it was a relatively ‘new’ thing to be doing in small town (not rural) Wisconsin in 1980 and i had a pretty odd, varied curriculum.

    The things I really remember…waking up on my schedule, getting in all my work in 1/3 of the time it takes in a classroom, wandering outside reading/roaming, and the ODD lessons that were memorable. Making Acorn Bread (like the nat. americans…collecting, breaking/sorting the meat, soaking, drying, pounding into flour), discections of ‘whole’ road kill, geography games with a giant world map hung in the living room, and best of all – i barely remember LESSONS yet when I returned to the public school system i tested off the chart.

    you’re giving him a wonderful gift.

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