Roan Sunrise, pastel of sunrise on Roan Mountain by Stephanie Thomas Berry

What we witness, we become. 

This is my primary practice, as an artist and writer:
to bear witness to the beauty and mystery of the Earth.

Through this practice, I sometimes catch a glimpse
of the Mystery that breathes life into us all.

Through this practice
the Body can experience the Song of the Earth.

Hepatica, a pastel by Stephanie Thomas Berry


Please join me in my quest to renew the sacred bond between the Body and the Earth.
You will receive Sunday morning emails rich in image and word
that inspire your reconnection with the mystery dancing in your bones and your backyard.

Current Studio Project
Moth as Metaphor
My curiosity was piqued by the names of moths:
Prometha, Io, Harnessed Tiger

I began to think of the moth as a metaphor for the Feminine.
Stories that whisper through the night, richly dressed, rarely seen. 

Moth as Metaphor will consist of 13 moth paintings paired with writing that explores the stories hidden in their names.

See the Moths unfolding here.

my Studio: Wonder and DustWonder & Dust, the studio of Stephanie Thomas Berry

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My address is 4173 State Hwy 80 S
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